True To The Game

“Ki Ulfat Hiphop se, Main karta ye shauq se.” - Talhah Yunus (Safar) - When it comes to creation, our roots are firmly planted in the culture of Hip hop. We endeavor relentlessly to make clothes which we like wearing in our day-to-day grind and garnish it with a tinge of Hip-hop flavor. Whether it's in the design, the cut or the overall presentation, our goal has always been to cater to the Hip-hop inclined. We simply make clothes that we wished we had access to and could buy when we ourselves were kids. We got to know through our client’s feedback that when you stay #TrueToTheGame, it always resonates with your audience.

Xulfi bhai wearing our "I Run This" Tee. A tribute to the mighty Run DMC.


Standing Out from The Rest

 “One in a billion, mera koi muqabla nahi.” - Talhah Yunus (#AsliHai) - This bar is not just another random rap lyric. It is an insight into our frame of mind, a slight peak inside the way we think and approach life. From design to execution we are strictly focused to cater to the fashion-forward individuals who much rather stand out than to blend in with the crowd. Branching out from our Hiphop core while still keeping its flavor intact, we are catering to a wider audience with bold and unique prints and patterns. Products like our Female Cuban Collar can be worn just as easily on the runway as in your everyday life.

Actor Anoushay Abbasi  wearing our “Cali KushCuban. The perfect outfit for the summers.